API: IP Address Change for api.pushover.net

Note: This change does not affect end users of Pushover. For most developers and others using our API, no change is required on your part unless you have hard-coded our IP address.

As we continue to expand our infrastructure to improve performance and reliability for Pushover, we are deploying new API servers in new datacenters. The IP addresses for api.pushover.net and other pushover.net hosts will be changing and it is important that all developers and other users of our API use DNS to always fetch the proper IP address (or addresses) for api.pushover.net.

On Saturday, November 8, 2014, we changed the IP addresses for most of our pushover.net hostnames, including api.pushover.net, to test how traffic routes to a new datacenter that is now live. By now the new IP address in DNS has propagated everywhere across the internet, but we are still receiving a small amount of API requests at the old IP. We will continue to process API requests received at that old IP address for a limited time.

On Monday, November 10, 2014, we will begin e-mailing all developers whose applications are still talking directly to our old IP address as this address may temporarily or permanently stop responding in the future. It is important that all consumers of our API use DNS to resolve api.pushover.net and not do any permanent caching (longer than a few hours) of our IP addresses. In the future we may start listing multiple IP addresses for api.pushover.net for load balancing and it is important that we be able to remove IP addresses from service within a few hours time without notification.

If you have any questions about this change, please contact us.