Bulk Licensing and Trial Versions of Pushover

In the past two years, Pushover’s user base has grown tremendously, in particular among teams of network engineers, on-call technicians, and dispatchers. Functionality we’ve added such as Emergency-Priority notifications and Delivery Groups have made it a valuable tool for organizations relying on push notifications.

Bulk Licensing

One request that we’ve received from many of our larger customers is a way to purchase bulk licenses for our iOS, Android, and our new Desktop clients. Rather than require each employee to purchase our apps on their own devices and get reimbursed, managers want to make one bulk purchase and allow each employee to install our apps at no expense to them. Unfortunately, the way that Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store are structured, we have been unable to override pricing or easily distribute our iOS and Android applications this way.

Trial Versions

Another request we’ve heard from our individual users is for a trial version of our apps. While Apple provides no trial period for App Store purchases, Google only provides a 15 minute period which can make it difficult to setup Pushover with a variety of apps and properly test its functionality.

Providing Both via In-App Purchases

To accommodate bulk purchases and a longer trial period, Pushover for iOS and Android will soon be changing from the current up-front App Store/Google Play purchase to a “free” app with a required one-time, in-app purchase after 5 days. This will allow all users to download Pushover for free and experiment with it for up to 5 days at no cost. After the trial period, users will be prompted to purchase a license which can be done easily inside the app using an Apple App Store or Google Play account.

Organizations requesting bulk purchases/volume pricing of our apps can arrange payment by contacting us and their users’ licenses will be activated automatically before the 5-day trial ends with no in-app purchase required.

No Change for Existing Users

To be clear, all current Pushover users that have previously purchased our iOS, Android, and Desktop clients will have their licenses converted and no additional purchase will be required. You will continue to receive updates of our apps through Apple App Store and Google Play as usual.

If you have any questions about this upcoming change, please feel free to reach out to us.

Update (May 16): Our Android app has just been updated to be free in Google Play with an in-app purchase required after a 5-day trial. Similar changes to our iOS app will be coming soon.