Bulk Licensing and Trial Versions of Pushover Now Available

Back in May, we discussed an upcoming change to our iOS and Android apps where both would be free to download in the app stores but require an in-app purchase after 5 days. This was being done to support fully-functional, time-limited trials of our apps as well as allow us to do bulk sales of licenses to larger organizations.

These features required some significant changes to our mobile apps as well as updates to our backend infrastructure. We thank our many users for dealing with our frequent app updates that were released in the past two months to support these changes and work out the bugs. We’re happy to announce that as of today, our Android, iOS, and Desktop clients are all free to try for 5 days.

Volume Licensing
In addition to our trial versions, a new Volume Licensing Tool is now available on our website for organizations looking to purchase licenses on behalf of their users or staff. This tool allows one to create an invoice for a number of iOS, Android, and/or Desktop licenses and pay it through our website or PayPal and have those licenses be instantly activated.

Our Volume Licensing Tool also allows an organization to purchase licenses for users that have not yet signed up for Pushover by listing the user’s e-mail address instead of a Pushover user key. As soon as that user signs up for a Pushover account, the previously purchased license(s) will be automatically activated.

Licenses can be purchased for as few as one user (for individuals unable to make an in-app purchase on iOS or Android) or as many as thousands of users with our bulk import functionality. Volume discounts are also available at certain numbers of licenses purchased when paid for all at once. See our Volume Licensing Tool for more information.