E-mail to Pushover Gateway

Pushover’s API makes it easy to integrate notifications into a wide variety of applications and services. Today we’re announcing an e-mail gateway that makes it possible to receive Pushover notifications from devices and services where API integration is not possible, such as with embedded devices, SAN servers, routers, and websites.

Our new e-mail gateway provides every Pushover user with an e-mail address that will turn any e-mails received into Pushover notifications. To get started, just send an e-mail to Your-Pushover-User-Key@api.pushover.net. By default, all notifications will be sent to all active devices on your account, just like other Pushover notifications. To have messages sent to only one particular device, use the e-mail address Your-Pushover-User-Key+Device-Name@api.pushover.net.

For example, if your user key were abcdefg12345 and you wanted to send a notification to your device iPhone, you would use the e-mail address abcdefg12345+iPhone@api.pushover.net.

HTML e-mails received by our gateway will be converted into plain-text with URLs preserved to enable them to be tapped on in the iOS and Android Pushover clients. Just like other Pushover notifications, e-mail notifications are limited to 512 characters and long e-mails will be truncated.