GitHub webhook support

Pushover has been available as a GitHub Service since 2002, making it easy to get Pushover notifications each time commits were pushed to your repositories.

GitHub has recently announced that they are replacing GitHub Services with webhooks, which means the Pushover support in GitHub will be going away in January 2019.  Any repositories that you are receiving Pushover notifications from will need to be updated to use Pushover’s new GitHub webhook.

To replace a GitHub Pushover service with a webhook, or to add a new Pushover webhook to your repository, start by clicking the Settings button on your repo page:

Then click Webhooks in the menu along the left side:

Click “Add webhook”

And finally, enter the following URL for the webhook:

Replace “YOUR_USER_KEY” with your actual Pushover user key, which you can find on your Pushover Dashboard.  The rest of the fields can be left at their defaults, which will send Pushover notifications for “push” actions just as the old GitHub Service did.

Note: Our webhook currently supports the “push” event.  If you need custom notifications for other types of events, please contact us.