Introducing Delivery Groups

Over the past few months, we’ve heard from a number of Pushover users that are using it to broadcast notifications among small teams such as teachers, students, on-call technicians, and various volunteer organizations. The increasing number of applications and libraries that support Pushover’s API have made it easy for non-programmers to send custom notifications.

Today we’re introducing Delivery Groups to make it easier to manage lists of Pushover users and send notifications to them in a single API request. While larger-scale applications already have server-side databases and can easily manage dozens or hundreds of Pushover user keys, for small applications and teams it may be difficult to setup and manage a database.

With Delivery Groups, you can create and manage lists of users right from our website. Once you first create a group, you’ll get a Group Key that you can use to easily broadcast notifications to every user in the group with one API request. Our Group Keys have the same format as User Keys and can be used today with any application or library that has Pushover support.

As your team or list of users changes over time, you can add and remove users whenever you need without having to update any of your applications or scripts. Your Group Key will stay the same and will always broadcast notifications to the current list of users in the group.

We hope you’ll find this new feature useful and, as always, we love to hear feedback on how you’re using Pushover.