New API Feature: Supplemental URLs

A new feature has been added to our API and is now supported by version 1.3 of our Android and iOS clients: supplemental URLs.

As before, all URLs included in the Pushover message body will be automatically turned into tappable links when viewed on our device clients. Sometimes, however, it is useful to include a URL that is not the actual content of the message, may be too long, or may use a custom URL scheme that is not recognized.

For example, an application using Pushover to send Twitter messages to devices may include a supplemental URL of “twitter://direct_message link?screen_name=someuser” and a URL title of “Reply to @someuser”. When the message is expanded in the Pushover client, the user will be given the option of opening the supplemental URL, which in this case would launch a Twitter client installed on the device and send a direct message to “@someuser”.

For more information on using this new feature, check out our API documentation.

Please note that supplemental URLs require version 1.3 of our iOS and Android clients, both released today.