New E-mail Gateway features

Pushover’s E-mail Gateway is a popular feature used by many of our users to get Pushover notifications from websites and legacy systems that can’t integrate with our API. Every Pushover user has been able to receive e-mail at and instantly receive it as a push notification, and this week we’ve launched a new E-mail Gateway with some great new features.

Shorter E-mail Addresses

A common request we’ve received from our users is to have shorter e-mail addresses. Some websites and legacy systems would not accept a 47-character address such as, and so our new e-mail gateway offers much shorter e-mail addresses at a new domain, such as Every existing Pushover account has a new shorter address already assigned to it (in addition to still supporting your old 47-character address), which you can find on your dashboard.

Saved Settings

After launching our initial E-mail Gateway years ago, we heard from users asking for the ability to customize notifications, such as which devices would receive the message, setting the high-priority flag, and setting a custom sound. We supported these settings by adding them to the e-mail address, creating addresses like As you can see, these addresses got pretty long, and some outdated e-mail systems would not accept e-mail with an address containing the characters + and =.

Our new E-mail Gateway allows you to change these settings from your dashboard without having to change the e-mail address later.

Multiple Addresses

Some users were hesitant to use their old Pushover e-mail address on an untrusted website since it contained their Pushover user key, worried they might receive spam notifications if their e-mail address were to be given out by those sites. With our new shorter addresses that don’t contain your Pushover user key, you can create new aliases for each website or service, each with its own settings, and then delete them later without worrying about spam. Once an e-mail alias is deleted, any new e-mail to it will be rejected and bounced back to the sender.

Available Now

Pushover’s new E-mail Gateway is available now. You can find your new shorter e-mail address on your dashboard as well as customize options and create additional aliases.

Note: While our new E-mail Gateway offers new addresses and settings, we will always support the older addresses (with custom settings) that you may already be using.

If you have any questions or comments about our new E-mail Gateway, please contact us.