New Pushover app plugins for Github, Weechat, and Puppet

Github Service Hook
The first plugin is a Github service hook that sends a Pushover notification each time a commit is made to your git repositories. This plugin has been integrated into Github’s website so there’s nothing to install other than adding your Pushover user key.

  1. To get started, view one of your repositories on Github. Click the Admin button in the upper right corner.
  2. Next, click “Service Hooks”.
  3. Scroll down and select Pushover.
  4. Finally, enter your user key (available by logging into the Pushover website) and an optional device name (to restrict notifications to a single device on your account). Click “Update Settings” and you should start receiving notifications whenever a commit is made to that repository.

Weechat Plugin

Next up is a plugin for the Weechat IRC client, written by Pushover user James Turnbull. This plugin forwards private messages and highlights to your Pushover devices. To install, see James’ Github repo.

Puppet Report Processor

And finally, another plugin by Pushover user James Turnbull, a report processor for the Puppet automation tool. See the puppet-pushover repo for usage information.