Notifications on iOS intermittently not being received (Resolved)

We are working to resolve a problem that is affecting Pushover users on iOS where notifications are intermittently not being received. Once the Pushover app is opened, all of the messages download from our servers and are visible, but users are finding that some or all of those messages did not generate instant notifications on the device.

Unfortunately this problem is proving difficult to troubleshoot as all of the missing notifications are recorded as being sent out to Apple’s push servers successfully and we do not receive any indication from Apple’s servers that any of those messages have failed, so our servers do not retry delivery.

We will update this post as more information is gathered and when the problem is resolved. We apologize for the inconvenience this is causing our users.

Update Apr 16 12:17 CDT: We have identified a potential source of the problem and have implemented a workaround. We are continuing to monitor the reception of notifications on our various test devices.

Update Apr 16 15:20 CDT: We have been monitoring test devices for the past 3 hours and have not seen any dropped notifications, so we are considering this issue resolved. If you continue to have missing notifications for messages sent after today at 15:00 CDT, please contact us.