Per-notification Sounds

An oft-requested feature from our users was the ability to send notifications with a custom sound, rather than always using our standard Pushover sound. While Android users were able to choose a different default sound from the list of ringtones on their devices, iOS users were not due to limitations in iOS’ notification system.

Today we’re happy to announce the release of version 1.5 of our Android and iOS clients which bundle 15 additional sounds that we had created for us:

  • Bike
  • Bugle
  • Cash Register
  • Classical
  • Cosmic
  • Falling
  • Gamelan
  • Incoming
  • Intermission
  • Magic
  • Mechanical
  • Piano Bar
  • Siren
  • Space Alarm
  • Tug Boat

Users on Android and iOS can now choose from the 15 new sounds to play as a default notification tone, and applications using our API can even specify a particular sound to play for each message sent. For example, a network monitor application can send “host down” notifications with one sound, and “host up” notifications with another sound.

Version 1.5 of our Android and iOS clients is now live in the Google Play Market and Apple App Store, though it may take a few hours to show up as an update for your devices.

We’ve also updated our Adium plugin to support choosing a notification sound, which can be used to apply different sounds to different events and contacts.

For application developers, we’re also introducing an API call that can be used to dynamically get the list of sounds we support. We recommend using this rather than hard-coding the list, since we may add additional sounds in future releases of our device clients. We encourage app developers to allow users to choose a custom sound to play for their application.

As always, we welcome your feedback on Pushover.