Pushing data directly to a complication on your Apple Watch

Our new Pushover for iOS update is out today and includes many great features such as per-application icons in notifications, synching dismissals of notifications across all of your iOS 10 and Android devices, and a new Apple Watch app.

One new feature we’re announcing today is our new Glances API which lets you push data directly to a complication on your Apple Watch. This is separate from our Messaging API which is great for urgent push notifications that pop up on your iPhone and Apple Watch.

For those occasions when you want to send small amounts of data that you can glance at periodically throughout the day, such as the number of items sold at your store today, or an update from your alarm system notifying you the garage door is still open, our Glances API makes this possible.

To get started pushing data to your Apple Watch, just add the Pushover complication on your watch face, then consult our Glances API Documentation to send data to it.

While our Glances API currently only supports the Apple Watch, we plan on bringing this to other screens in the future such as other smart watches and widgets on Android and iOS. We are also working on adding this new API to our existing integrations such as IFTTT, to make it easier for everyone to use.