Pushing Images with Pushover 3.0

Version 3.0 of our Android, iPhone/iPad, and Desktop apps are available today which include support for receiving push notifications with image attachments!

A popular use case of our E-mail Gateway has been to receive instant notifications from internet-connected security cameras when they detect motion. Many of these cameras attach a snapshot image of the motion to the e-mail which, up until now, has been discarded and passed through as just a text notification. Starting today, these e-mails will also pass through the attached image which will be displayed in the Pushover notification and in the app.

Currently, image attachments are limited to 2.5 megabytes.  Once an image attachment has been fully downloaded by your devices, it is stored offline on your device and then deleted from our servers for increased privacy.

For software accessing our API directly, we have new documentation with all of the details for how to upload image attachments.

If you use curl to send notifications, it’s as easy as:

curl -s \
--form-string "token=APP_TOKEN" \
--form-string "user=USER_KEY" \
--form-string "message=here is an image attachment" \
-F "attachment=@/path/to/your/image.jpg" \

We hope you enjoy this new functionality and find great new uses for sending images with Pushover.

Download Pushover for iOS and iPad, Pushover for Android, or get started with Pushover for Desktop.