Pushover 2.0 for Android

A year and a half ago we introduced our first Pushover client for Android. 26 releases later, we’re introducing Pushover version 2.0 with a facelift and new functionality.

Pushover now has a sleeker look that is unified across all versions of Android, bringing Android 3 and 4 design and functionality to our app while on Android 2, which we proudly still support.

Slide-out Application Menu

As Pushover has been adopted by an increasing number of applications, services, and websites, it’s even easier to get more Pushover notifications on your devices. With the new slide-out menu of Pushover 2.0, you can quickly get access to the messages from each application that you use.

Tapping on an application will filter the message list and show you only the notifications from that app.

On tablets in landscape mode, the app list is visible at all times.

New Message View

Pushover now has a dedicated message view, presenting your notifications in larger text and more detail. The message view has a dedicated share button to export message text to other Android applications, as well as a delete button.

Swipe to Delete

Perhaps the most often requested UI feature from our Android users has been swipe-to-delete. While our app used to follow the traditional Android behavior of long-pressing an item to pop up a context menu, times have changed and many Android apps have embraced the swipe-to-delete behavior native to iOS.

With Pushover 2.0, you can now swipe messages to the left to quickly get rid of them.

Pull to Refresh

While it’s usually not necessary to manually perform a message sync, this action is now even easier and can be done by just pulling down on the message list.

Notification Dismissal Sync

Pushover now has an optional feature to synchronize the dismissal of notifications across your Android devices. Let’s say you have an Android tablet and an Android phone activated on your Pushover account and you receive the same notification on both. With notification dismissal sync enabled, you can now dismiss the alert on your phone and not have to see it in the notification bar when you pick up your tablet, or vice versa. This feature is only for notification-bar alerts, and the messages will still remain viewable in the Pushover application.

We’ve developed this feature using our own servers so that we can bring notification dismissal syncing to other platforms on which Pushover is supported in the future (though due to limitations in iOS, we will not able to bring this feature to the iPhone and iPad).

We hope you enjoy this new functionality in Pushover 2.0 for Android, available today on Google Play.

To our iOS users, hang in there. We will be bringing much of these interface improvements to Pushover 2.0 for iOS after iOS 7 is released.