Pushover 2.0 for iOS

On the heels of our Pushover 2.0 for Android release, Pushover 2.0 for iOS has been released today.

Updated for iOS 7

Pushover 2.0 for iOS has been redesigned and adapted to the look of iOS 7. The Refresh button has been replaced by iOS’ standard pull-to-refresh behavior on the message list and the Settings button has been moved to the right.

Slide-out Application Menu

By sliding from left to right on the message list, or tapping the new button in the upper left corner, an application menu becomes available listing all of the different applications that have pushed notifications to you. Tapping on an application will filter the message list to show only the notifications from that app.

On iPads in landscape mode, the application list is visible at all times, making better use of the screen space.

Dedicated Message View

Tapping on a message will now slide in a dedicated message view rather than expanding it inline like previous versions did. This view shows your message in a larger font with dedicated copy and delete buttons.

Background Updates in iOS 7

Taking advantage of a new feature in iOS 7, Pushover 2.0 now does background updates of your message list when you receive new Pushover notifications. When you open the Pushover app on your device, your messages will now be already synced and ready for viewing.

We hope you enjoy this new Pushover release. As always, we welcome your feedback. If you’re new to Pushover, check us out and get our Android and iOS clients.

Update: We’ve received reports of the new app crashing on iOS 6 when viewing a specific message. We’ve found and fixed the bug and submitted a new release to Apple, but it will take some time for them to approve it. We apologize for the inconvenience.