Pushover for Teams

We’re very excited to announce Pushover for Teams: a monthly service option ideal for companies and organizations deploying Pushover to multiple users.

Pushover for Teams includes a number of extra features on top of our current Pushover notification service such as:

  • Centralized user, group, and application management
  • Simplified licensing - all users get access to our iOS, Android, and Desktop platforms with no additional licensing fees
  • Higher free message limit - one team application can send up to 25,000 messages per month for free
  • SMS fallback delivery - for priority 2 messages requiring acknowledgement, users can configure Pushover to deliver retries as SMS messages and acknowledge them just by texting back replies
  • Automatic group updating
  • Priority message delivery - puts team messages at the front of our delivery queue for lower latency
  • Priority support

For more information on Pushover for Teams or to signup, check out our Teams page.