Quiet Hours and Jelly Bean Notifications

We’ve released version 1.4 of our Android and iOS apps today, which now support setting and receiving messages during “quiet hours”.

Quiet hours are periods of time during which Pushover notifications should not generate sounds or vibration, but should still notify your device. On Android, notifications will still appear in the notification bar, and on iOS, the Pushover app icon will display a badge with the number of unread notifications.

Messages sent through our API with the “priority” flag set to 1 will override quiet hours and always generate sounds. This is useful for network monitors and other high priority applications that always need to generate notifications.

You can adjust your quiet hours from the Pushover website, or through the Settings in our apps. Quiet hours affect all devices on your account.

In addition to supporting quiet hours, our Android app now uses the notification enhancements that came with Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean), such as larger text areas, per-application icons, and a button that will open a message’s supplementary URL (if supplied) right from the notification.

Pushover 1.4 for iOS is available in the App Store now, and Pushover 1.4.1 for Android is available on the Google Play Market.