Sending quiet messages through the API

In response to user requests, we’ve implemented the ability to send quiet messages through our API regardless of a user’s quiet hours. These silent, low priority notifications are useful for sending progress updates or other information that doesn’t need to get the attention of the user right away.

To support sending low priority notifications, the priority parameter of our message API now allows a value of -1. The default is 0, and 1 triggers a high-priority alert that always generates sound and vibration.

Just like messages received during a user’s quiet hours, low priority notifications will not trigger sound or vibration on devices. On Android, these messages will still appear in the notification bar. On iOS, these messages will only trigger an increase of the Pushover app’s badge number.

3rd party developers of Pushover utilities and libraries: you may need to update your code to allow passing a priority as an integer if it is currently being interpreted/stored as a boolean value. In the future, we may also support a priority value of 2 to take more drastic attention-getting measures, so now would be a good time to ensure your code supports more than a 0 or 1 value.