Announcing Pushover Notification Subscriptions

Over the past year, we’ve heard from many Pushover users and developers that the process for signing up for notifications was a hassle. For end users, having to copy and paste user keys was confusing and there were privacy concerns having to give out user keys to notification providers they did not fully trust. For administrators, managing all of those keys was cumbersome.

While delivery groups helped manage a list of users and simplify delivery, collecting keys from each user was still a manual process.

Today we’re announcing Pushover Subscriptions: an easier way to signup for and manage notifications. With Pushover Subscriptions, users can automatically add themselves to a Delivery Group or send their Pushover user key to your website without any administration overhead on your part, and without any copying-and-pasting on the user’s part.

Automated Subscription Process

The process starts for developers and administrators by first registering a subscription code for your Pushover application. This gives your application a unique URL on our website where you can direct users, and where we will handle all of the subscription details.

As an example, the Fitbit Low Battery Notifier displays a button to direct users to its Pushover subscription URL:

We present your application’s information to the user and confirm that they want to receive notifications. The user can choose which devices to receive notifications on, and choose a default sound for your application (though you can of course still use per-message sounds for different actions):

Once the user subscribes, we generate a new, random user key for the user that is tied to your particular application. Depending on how you setup the subscription, we either add the user key to a Delivery Group and then redirect the user back to your website, or we just redirect the user back to your website and include the user’s new key for processing.

For many of you using Pushover to broadcast notifications to a group of users, this new subscription process will greatly simplify the way you reach your users.

Featured Subscriptions

For news providers, blogs, and other public websites, a list of Featured Subscriptions will be shown on our website that users can browse on their mobile devices after logging into Pushover. This is a great opportunity for organizations and blogs to gain readership and push breaking news directly to users as it happens.

We are currently curating a list of Featured Subscriptions to showcase on our website and group into categories such as News, Sports, etc. If you would like to be included in our directory, just check the “Public Subscription” box when creating a Subscription for your application. We’ll review your request and approved sites will be featured in our subscription directory.

In-App Subscription Management

In addition to being able to browse the featured subscriptions list, our upcoming release of Pushover for Android and iOS will feature in-app subscription management, allowing users to change their subscribed device or default sound, or unsubscribe:

Available Today

Pushover Subscriptions are available today and developers and administrators can start taking advantage of them right now. Users can manage their new subscriptions through our dashboard website. In-app subscription management and Featured Subscription browsing will be coming in the next few weeks.

For developers, we have new Subscription API documentation, including a new migration API call that can convert the user keys you have already collected into new Subscription keys.

We’re excited to bring this new functionality to all of our users and developers and we hope it makes Pushover much easier to use. As always, we greatly appreciate your feedback.