Pushover for Android - Now With Tasker Support

A common request we’ve gotten from our Android users is to create a plugin for Tasker, a popular automation application. Up until recently, Tasker did not support 3rd party event plugins which made it difficult for an application like Pushover to integrate with it.

The recently released Tasker 4.3 now supports 3rd party event plugins, and Pushover for Android 2.1.2 released today includes a Tasker event plugin.

Demo - Disabling WiFi from a Pushover Notification

To demonstrate the kind of functionality that Pushover and Tasker can provide, we’ll create a task that responds to a Pushover notification sent from our “WiFi” application (so other Pushover applications don’t trigger it) with a message “disable wifi”, and then actually disable WiFi on the device.

First, open Tasker and create a new profile.

Choose “Event”, then “Plugin”.

If you’ve updated to the new version of Pushover, you should see it listed here:

Now we’ll create some criteria for matching notifications. We’ll enter “disable wifi” as the message name to match (matching for all fields except “priority” is case-insensitive and matches any part of the string) and require the Application Name to match “wifi”.

After entering the criteria and tapping on the checkmark icon, Tasker will take you back to the home screen and prompt you for a task name. We’ll create one called “disable wifi”.

Now we’ll add an action to disable the system WiFi. Choose “Net” from the action list, and then “WiFi”. The default will be to turn it off.

Tasker Variables

In addition to just responding to notifications, Pushover exports the title, message, application name, URL, URL title, and priority to Tasker so you can use them in your tasks. Display the received message as a popup, open the URL automatically in your browser, etc.

For our “disable wifi” task, we’ll add a Popup dialog just for some confirmation. Add another action and choose “Alert”, then “Popup”.

Here we’ll create a title with “Pushover - %pushoverapplication” and a text of “%pushovermessage”. These two variables starting with % will be dynamically updated with the values from the Pushover notification you’re working with. The variables we export are:

  • %pushovertitle

  • %pushovermessage

  • %pushoverapplication

  • %pushoverurl

  • %pushoverurltitle

  • %pushoverpriority

Now we’ll send a new notification from the Pushover dashboard as our WiFi application, with the message text “disable wifi”. As soon as the notification comes in, Pushover hands it off to Tasker, Tasker disables wifi, and shows our popup:

We hope you find this new Tasker functionality useful in automating your devices. For more possibilities with Tasker, check out the Tasker User Forum and the /r/tasker Subreddit.

If you’re not a Pushover user already, check out our Android and iOS apps.