Version 1.6: Emergency-Priority Notifications, Receipts, Callbacks, and Pebble Support

We’re happy to announce version 1.6 of our Android and iOS apps has been released and contains new features, notification sounds, and bug fixes.

Emergency-Priority Notifications

A major new feature of this version is support for emergency-priority notifications with our API. These types notifications are useful for network monitoring and dispatching systems where notifications must be acknowledged by the user and the alert (sound and/or vibration) must repeat at a certain interval for a specified duration until acknowledged.


Applications sending emergency-priority notifications can specify the retry interval (at least 30 seconds) and the amount of time the notification should keep repeating (up to 24 hours) until acknowledged. The details of using emergency-priority notifications can be found in our API documentation.

Applications needing information about emergency-priority notifications, such as whether they have been acknowledged and when, can use our new receipts and callback functionality. This allows server applications to poll for a notification’s status and receive details about it, or specify a callback URL that our servers will call out to as soon as the user acknowledges the notification.

Along with these new types of notifications, we’ve also added 5 new longer, louder alert sounds that were designed to be heard in loud environments, or to wake users from sleep (those poor on-call techs).

We expect this new functionality to be very beneficial to our many Pushover users using it with network monitoring applications.

Pebble Watch Support

image The long-awaited Pebble smart watch has finally started shipping to its early adopters and we’re happy to announce support for it in Pushover. Version 1.6 of our Android client is one of the first apps to feature native Pebble support so you can opt to display all of your Pushover notifications right on your wrist.

This functionality requires the free Pebble app to be installed and paired with your watch. On iOS, Pushover has been confirmed to work with Pebble automatically, using the functionality of the installed Pebble app to forward all Notification Center alerts to your watch.

Other Changes

In addition to these features, we’ve also added a setting on our iOS app to allow links to be opened in the Chrome browser if it is installed. We’ve also fixed a few bugs and added workarounds for various Android devices.

We hope you enjoy this new release! As always, please feel free to contact us for support and if you find Pushover useful, we appreciate your positive iOS App Store and Android Play Store reviews and ratings.